All Time Lowe

The narrative centres on 2 main protagonists, Gary Lowe, an out of work good-for-nothing and Quentin St John, a banker – caring, considerate and a well intentioned gentleman. Having suffered from mental breakdowns, both urgently require assessment and treatment in the newly established Mystic Sands, psychiatric unit. The main characters, from opposite extremes of the social spectrum, possess very individual and opposing personalities. However, with Gary’s tenuous and infectious personality they form an unlikely, compelling friendship – or do they?

Beelzebub master of lies and deceit wields his awesome, cynical power unleashing his minions to do his dirty dealings.

Why was Mary, Gary’s wife, attacked by hundreds of angry biting flies?

Eleanor, Quentin’s wife thought her closely guarded secret was safe.
This is a story of life in the extreme full of twists and turns, double dealings and for some, passion.

All this and more culminate in a stunning, unpredictable finale. I guarantee that by the close of the book you will think very differently about flies.

Hand of the Beast

Hand of the Beast is a psychological thriller about a young man (Danny) troubled by his childhood. He tries to lead a normal life but desperately needs help, which comes in the form of a young woman (Jade). She extends the hand of friendship, but comes into conflict with her criminal employer.

People continue to disappear as police search for a killer hell bent on wreaking revenge on his dead victims by severing their hands. 

Release later this year

Keep watching for a third 

Average customer reviews 5 Stars

Phil - 27/09/18


Stuart's first book, a supernatural thriller is a damn good read, in fact, it is a really very damn good read, I consumed it in less than a day finding it difficult to put down. Most of my reading is either detective fiction or espionage thrillers so I was unsure whether something that wasn't within those genres would work for me. The story centres around two men from different backgrounds thrown together by circumstances into, for them the alien environment of a mental health ward. The edgy story twists and turns before reaching a nail-biting conclusion.
I look forward to seeing more work from this very talented man, I hope a second novel is underway.

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