Hello and welcome to my site.

 Stuart was born in Neston, Cheshire, England in 1949. His schooling

was very ordinary, and at the age of fifteen, he became an apprentice

electrician. However, the work was unfulfilling. With a career

change, he became a student psychiatric nurse at Deva hospital,

now The Countess of Chester in the historic town of Chester. He

qualified as a psychiatric nurse (RMN) in 1973 and eventually moved

on to work in other hospitals in Cheshire. Later he specialized in

community psychiatry (CPN cert) and continued to work on the

Wirral Peninsular as a team leader for community psychiatry.

Taking early retirement, he embarked on his love of writing fiction

and found an innate desire to tell imaginative and compelling stories.

Currently, he continues to pen inspired, psychological thrillers

drawing on his vast psychiatric experience where he brings fictional

characters to life in a unique and creative style.

He now lives in the county of Cambridgeshire along with his wife.

His great loves are reading and listening to music. Stuart also

writes screenplays which were the basis for All Time Lowe and

Hand of the Beast. His third novel will be a Psychological

Thriller with a historical element set in Spain. 

All Time Lowe was my first novel, and it is true to say that I felt excited at the prospect of putting pen to paper and creating the plot that I had in my Piscean mind. I drew upon years of nursing experience working in a psychiatric hospital which stood me in good sted.  (If you can work in psychiatry you can work anywhere. Recapturing some of the flavours of that type of nursing and its many idiosyncrasies gave me the information I needed for an unusual psychological thriller. My form teacher in junior school wrote in my report that I had a very vivid imagination. How right she was. I let it run riot over the pages.

I hope you enjoy the read as much as I enjoyed the writing.

Following the completion of my first novel, the bug had bitten, and I wanted to write a second psychological thriller but with extras. I'd had a concept forming in my mind for some time having read a mental health book (The Siris Complex) on the subject of Multiple Personality Disorder or as it is correctly known, Dissociative Identity Disorder.  Added to that, I had an idea of including a fried hand. What!!! A fried hand. I hear you say—what a sicko. In my defence, I write unconventionally, and it doesn't get much more bizarre than fried hands. As if that wasn't enough, a detective element with supernatural overtones was included in the plot. Read on and be taken on an amazing suspenseful journey.


Selwyn Adelson - 12 April 2020

Great twists and turns

Reviewed in the United Kingdom on 12 April 2020

The author has created engaging characters and a plot that is full of surprising twists. This is an unusual mixture of thriller and supernatural that comes together in a strong climax.

Sue - 22/01/17

A thoroughly enjoyable read. I must admit to being more of a 'holiday reader' but I found that I couldn't put it down until the unexpected conclusion was reached. There is a great mix of intrigue, humour and the psychiatric knowledge the author has is evident throughout. An easy book to get to grips with as opposed to many with 'flowery' and unnecessary descriptions that last for pages on end. An excellent first book and I look forward to another.


Amazon Customer - 12/01/17


It is not often I get the time to sit down and actually read a book and when I do, I like it to be easy to read, keeps me interested and gets to the point of the story, without all the wish-washy scene building and atmospherics that some authors insist on including. Luckily, this book was exactly what I was hoping for and a nice enjoyable twisty - turny read. Set a psych ward and based around two very different main characters, it was both an interesting insight onto the world of mental health and an intriguing psychological thriller. All in all an enjoyable read and a great first novel by this new author.

Sharon - 03/11/16

If you like psychological thrillers you'll love this. Best book I've read in a long time. A real page turner. Unputdownable. Loved the very believable characters and the humour. I cannot recommend it highly enough.

Ian - 10/09/16

This is a very good read indeed. The author is a retired psychiatric nurse and his knowledge and experience shine through. Yet, though I'm a layman in this area, I found the clinical descriptions easy to follow and not at all over my head. The book as a whole has been very well researched, with plenty of local Merseyside atmosphere. The characters develop well and there are a good few surprises as the tale unfolds. I couldn't put this down and can thoroughly recommend it.

I Warburton - 26 April 2020

Winning Combination of Plot and Characters

Reviewed in the United Kingdom on 26 April 2020

Verified Purchase

A great read! The plot is totally gripping, with a surprise ending, and the characterisations are drawn with great perception and sympathy. I especially like the fact that you get to see the human beings behind the police officers' fronts. There must have been a lot of research done before this was written and there's plenty of local Cornish atmosphere. If time had allowed, I could have read this in one sitting. Can see me returning for another read before too long.

Amazon Customer - 1 May 2020



Another good read from a well informed author. Thoroughly enjoyed the plot and sub plots. Keep them coming Stuart

Lyn - 2 May 2020


Great read

The novel is full of surprise, twists and turns. Not only is this a thriller detective, but it also has a supernatural element to it. Couldn’t put the book down.

Amazon Customer - 5 May 2020


Gripping thriller

New but brilliant author, could not put this book down, twists and turns enthralling